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Maintenance and Repair

We offer a UK repair service for radar guns from the USA Manufacturer, Sports Radar

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Sports Radar Gun PCB under repairHandheld Radar Guns - Repair, Certification and Calibration. Fast turnaround, including certifying your tuning forks.

We may be able to offer temporary hire if your unit is critical to your operation or in the unlikely event that your unit's repair will take longer than you can afford to be without it.

We are an Authorised Service Centre for Sports Radar.  We service other models as well.

Parts and Labour warranty given.

Free Estimates

Call:  01246 21469 or email us : info@sportsradarltd.co.uk with any questions about repairing your radar.

Contact us

To discuss your needs, obtain an outline quote and an estimate of turnround time, call us on:

01246 221469
or email us on:

info@sportsradarltd.co.uk with details of your model, age and a description of the problem.

Service and Repair Sports Radar

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