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Mercedes Advertisement - "The Catch"

Look out for the Mercedes Advertisement showing professional golfer hitting a golf ball into a Mercedes car being driven by David Coulthard. Speed detection by Sports Radar and display on large scale Variable Message Sign by our associates within the Littlewood Hire group, Roadside Technologies. Go directly to various extracts from the filming on YouTube by following these links:-

Full Story
Bonnet Camera
Rear Camera
Single Shot


The collage below shows the setup for Ford's penalty kicking game on their stand at the Uefa Champions League Festival in Hyde Park from 21st to 28th May 2011.

Sports Radar used for Penalty Game at the UEFA Champions League Festival 2011


Using Sports Radar in (field) Hockey

TV Appearances

Our Kits have been used in several TV programmes including:-

James Corden's chat show in July 2010 when Jimmy Flloyd Hasselbank and guests had the speed of their penalty shots in the studio measured by one of our kits.

Channel 4's Famous and Fearless on 2nd January 2011, where the speed of the Street Luge contestants was measured by two of our kits.

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Case Studies for Sports Radar Kit


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